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Frequently asked questions

Where can I buy a VEPLI bike ?

You can collect your VEPLI bike from one of our distributors. For the address of your nearest VEPLI sales outlet, please go to the “Where to find my VEPLI bike” section of the home page.

What is the maximum load my bike can carry ?

Your bike can support 100 kg. Please note that this capacity takes into account the equipment carried on the bike. Once this load is exceeded, your bike’s capacity will diminish and you risk premature wear and tear.

What is Bicycode identification ?

Your bike is marked with a Bicycode. This is a way of marking your bike in a registration system in the Fichier National Unique des Cycles Identifiés and in the VERIFY system used by the police. This identification is carried out by VEPLI. With your Bicycode marking, you can protect your bike against theft. It is essential for helping the authorities to find it in the event of theft or loss. You can find this identification code in your manual or on your bike frame. Free service

What is the battery life of my VEPLI bike?

Your bike’s range depends on its battery.
11 AH : 40 to 60 km*
14 AH : 50 to 70 km*
16 AH : 55 to 80 km*
17 AH: 65 to 90 km *
*depending on the nature of the route, user, bike maintenance and metrological conditions

How do I recharge my battery?

Your battery is removable. It can be charged directly on the bike or elsewhere. It plugs into the 220V mains supply using the charger included. If you’re travelling with your bike, there are chargers designed for connection to the cigarette lighter.
Did you know? There is an order of connection: wall socket first, then battery. By observing this order, you avoid overloading.

Can I check the charge level of my battery?

Of course ! Your bike’s display system lets you know the charge level of your battery at all times.

What parts of my bike are guaranteed and for how long?

The bike components covered by the manufacturer’s warranty are as follows:
Frame: 5 years
Electrical and electronic parts (including battery, motor, display, control box, charger): 2 years Other mechanical components (for example: fork, handlebars, stem, etc.): 2 years
This warranty does not cover parts subject to normal wear and tear such as brakes, tyres and inner tubes, light bulbs, etc.

I’ve got a problem with my bike. Who do I contact?

As a first step, we invite you to contact your shop to explain your needs. Very often, the problem is minor and can be solved remotely.
If your bike needs to be repaired or parts replaced under warranty, this work can only be carried out by your dealer.

How can I adjust my bike?

To optimise your cycling comfort, remember to adjust your saddle and handlebars.
You can adjust the height and angle of your saddle. To do this, sit back in your saddle and place your heel on the pedal in the down position. Your leg should be straight or with the knee slightly bent. On some models, you can adjust the angle of the saddle. It must remain horizontal. However, it is possible to adjust the tilt slightly forwards or backwards to modify your sensations or for greater comfort if you are a man.
Secondly, you need to look after your handlebars. It should be neither too low nor too steep, as this can put strain on your arms and back. Your hands should rest naturally on the handlebars, in line with your forearms, without breaking your wrists.

How often should I maintain my bike?

We recommend that you have your car serviced around twice a year. You can visit your seller if they offer this service. Our bikes are designed to be durable over time, but servicing is still important.

Do I need insurance to ride a VAE?

No insurance or licence is required, as your bike is classed as a cycle. However, it is possible to take out insurance against theft in addition to your Bicycode marking. If anything happens to you, your civil liability takes over.

Do I have to wear a helmet when I’m on my electric bike?

You are under no obligation to wear a helmet on your bike. However, it is strongly recommended for your safety.

Am I allowed to use cycle paths with my electric bike?

Yes, your electric bike is a cycle. It is therefore advisable to use cycle paths whenever you can, so as to stay safe from other road users.

How fast can my bike go?

The law requires you to stop your assistance as soon as you reach a speed of 25km/h. So basically, you can cycle at up to 25 km/h effortlessly, and above 25 km/h without assistance from the bike.

How do I recycle my bike battery ?

Please note that your battery and charger must not be disposed of with household waste, as they are electrical components containing substances that are harmful to health and the environment. They must therefore be recycled. Your shop usually provides this service. Otherwise, contact your local council or a depot.

My bike has been stolen. What should I do?

All our bikes are pre-identified by Bicycode. If your bike is stolen, log on to your BICYCODE user interface to report it as stolen.