Who we
are ?

VEPLI, the beginnings of a great story

The result of the meeting of a mobility enthusiast – more specifically a bicycle enthusiast – and an electronics engineer, VEPLI was born in Lyon in 2015 with the aim of meeting the growing need for alternative and sustainable modes of transport!

From a local electric bicycle shop to a semi-industrial production factory, the activity is structured and VEPLI’s reason for existence strengthens as market expectations grow. Our teams master the entire value chain to offer a quality product and service.

When you choose VEPLI electrically-assisted bicycles, you can be sure of receiving support throughout your project and finding the best solution for your needs!


VEPLI’s design office applies all its expertise to the development of reliable, durable, high-performance bicycles, from market intelligence to schematic development, prototyping, product testing and product bill of materials definition.

And what about design?

At VEPLI, every model is carefully thought out, because we’re convinced that a good-looking bike will add to the pleasure of daily commuting.


Designed and assembled in France