A recycled production site

Our assembly site, a rehabilitated industrial wasteland, testifies to our commitment to making the most of existing facilities and reducing the overall impact of our production activities. We also have the pleasure of sharing our premises with a number of responsible mobility players.

Together we go further

This approach enables us to pool our production resources to create synergies that are essential to innovation and the constant improvement of our products, services and processes.


Our Lyon plant creates sustainable, skilled and rewarding jobs. On a day-to-day basis, we encourage diversity of assignments and skills development: an effective way of motivating and empowering our production teams. And they all come to work by bike, of course.

Recovered and recycled components

We are committed to promoting the recycling of end-of-life parts through authorized organizations: batteries or any other recyclable parts.

A French factory

Assembly in France favors the local economy and short circuits.

As far as possible, our bikes are assembled using parts from France and Europe. Our industrial partners have plans to relocate their activities, and over the next few years will enable us to increase the proportion of spare parts manufactured locally.

To limit the environmental impact of our bikes, we take durability and repairability into account right from the start of their design.

This means we can store spare parts for many years in our own production plant.